Growing up in a small town in Southern New Jersey

Monday, January 28, 2013

Famly relations

Uncle Orph(eus) and Aunt Mary, Uncle Orph being the family relation, Aunt Mary a relation by marriage to Uncle Orph, were not my favorite relatives.  It had nothing to do with them being mean or nasty.  In fact, Uncle Orph always gave me a half-dollar whenever he came to visit, which mom intercepted right away to put into my savings account.  I think it was their appearance and her perfume.  They were not the most attractive people, which was not their fault.  Also, Uncle Orph talked very, very loud.

We always knew they were coming.  Here's how it went. 

Dad knew they were coming and would watch for them.  As soon as he saw them coming up the street -- they took the bus from Philly -- he would pull the shades in the front of the house and tell us to be quiet.  He thought this might make them think we weren't home.  WELL, mom wasn't having any of that.   She opened the door and as sweet as could be would welcome them heartily.  

Uncle Orph, after giving me and my sibs our money, would start talking with my father, and Aunt Mary and mom would stroll through her garden.  I would disappear until I had to make an appearance.  Then after the stroll around the house, mom would come in and start the spaghetti water.  We always had spaghetti when they came.  I guess they like mom's spaghetti, and for her it was an easy, no brainer dinner.

After dinner they would leave to go back home to Philadelphia and we would get back to our normal life.


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