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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

As I try to sleep

I find over and over when I lay down to sleep I remember things and when I sit down to BLOG about them I forget them, so bear with me.

I was thinking about my first automobile.  I was 21 when I bought it.  It was the first car we had in our family.  Daddy wouldn't have a car because he thought they were "murder weapons".  He rode a bike.

The auto was a 1951 Pontiac, straight eight automatic, gray.  I did have to "crank it up" every time I got in it.  The crank was a small button on the dash and it was hard to press in to get the car started, but it eventually fired each and every time.  I loved that car.  I drove that car before I was married, and I have to say that Alan, my husband, murdered it.  What did a kid who grew up in Kenya where there were no speed limits know about driving an elderly automobile no more than 55 mph as I had and the little old lady that had it before I did probably drove it even slower.

I am just realizing that when I get rid of my current car the person who buys it will say, a little old lady owned it.  Thing is, this little old lady doesn't drive slow except in town.  I push the envelope wherever I can. 

Back to my car.  Alan and I traded that car in just before we got married and bought a Chevelle.  That was not an automatic, and I had to learn how to drive a shift car.  My husband-to-be took me to Airport circle, pulled into GEX parking lot, and told me to drive.  That car only lasted three years before Alan's coveting and my learning to drive a stick shift, pushed us to buy a snazzier car.  I have always been the one who has said we should keep cars rather than getting a new one -- that is until recently when I began to see the value in not pouring money into a car when buying a new car would give us a few years of no repair bills.  Alan has taken good care of our autos, getting them greased, oiled, and whatever else needs to be done on time and now we have a five year old car that only has 22,000 miles on it.  We don't go anywhere except long-distance trips twice a year, if that.

So, that's the tale of my first car.  Not too interesting, I admit, but it was one of the things I was thinking about as sleep overtook me.


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