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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

March is Red Cross Month

I heard that statement on the radio the other day and it reminded me that , yes, March WAS Red Cross Month.  Do you remember?

It was pushed in school and each day of the month after attendance was taken we were asked if we wanted to put our pennies, nickles, or dimes into the little box for the Red Cross.  If we gave a dime or more we got this little pin-like thing to wear telling the world we had contributed to the Red Cross.

I so wanted one of those pins so I saved my pennies for almost a month and finally had enough to get my pin.  How about you? 

The most vivid recall I have of doing this is in first/second grade when I had Mrs. Marcantonio (Miss Bachelor).  I tried to get the pin at the beginning of the month by contributing two cents.  That's when I found out the minimum needed to get that pin.  I wish I had kept one of them.  I collected a couple over the years during Red Cross Month.


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