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Friday, November 4, 2011


As much as I loved school, I also was very happy for a day off now and then, especially when I was a child (younger than 13) and getting in the Thanksgiving mood.   Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, by the way.

Anyhow, I recall that November was a great month for days off from school -- official days off, that is.

The first weekend in November was the NJ State Teachers Convention, and we had Thursday and Friday off.  Then came Election Day, or in rare years Election Day came first.  I am assuming we had Election Day off back then because (1) more people voted, and (2) the polling places in Runnemede were, at that time, in the schools.  Then, there was Veteran's Day, and since we haven't celebrated Veteran's Day on the actual Veteran's Day since I can't remember when, I also can't remember what date in November that was.  And finally we had the day of Thanksgiving and the day after Thanksgiving off.  What a great month.  As I figure it, that was almost as many days as we had off in December for Christmas, and yes, it was called Christmas vacation back then. 

Grand total for November?  6 days off.
Grand total for December?  Depending on where Christmas actually fell anywhere from 5-8 days off.

Yes, I loved those two months.  Then we had January and February and March.  The only days off we had then were Lincoln's Birthday (Feb. 12) and G. Washington's Birthday (February 22).  No Monday holidays back then and thus no Presidents Day.

I supposed school children are still reveling in the days off in November, as I did as a child.  Good for them.

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