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Friday, October 7, 2011

It's apple taffy time

I have a hankering for an apple taffy. This is that time of year.

It's Fall after all.

Beautiful Fall. The time of the changing of the colors of the leaves. Spring leaves are a pale, yellowish green. Summer leaves are a hardy, emerald green, but fall...ah, fall. That's when the leaves put on a color display that can take ones breath away. And Runnemede's trees were no exception.

And when the leaves turned, it was time to get ready to get those apple taffies.

Where did we go to get those taffies? Gardner's Funeral Home. Every year from the time I was six until I was 13, which was a little too old to go begging on Halloween night, I got my apple taffy from Gardner's.

So, I'm hankering for one of those mouth-watering, crunchy red coated apples.

Can I find them anywhere around where I now live? No. The only ones I can find have peanuts on them. I don't like peanuts, never have. So, there's no rush to buy out the store or anything.

However, I can guarantee you, if anyone in Cincinnati lets me know where I can get the red, crunchy apple taffies, I'm off in my car and hobbling into that store likity-split!


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