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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Dancing the night away

Lorraine Hynes requested that we post only pictures where people aren't making faces. And unfortunately my photos of the dancing were too dark to post, so I only have these few remaining from a memorable weekend.

Nancy Ivins and Art Adams

Seated next to me were Dave Diehl and Conni Beakley

Joan Stroup and Elwood Pollock

Don Balch

Calvin Weatherby


I am a "closet" dancer. I am not good at dancing and my husband doesn't dance at all. Oh, we often will hear a slow song and hug each other and move our feet a bit, but that's as far as our dancing goes. I, myself, love to twist, clap, sing out loud, and just move with the tempo/rhythm of the song to which I'm listening. Of course my favorites are from the late 50s and early 60s.

So what does this have to do with the 50th reunion?

Well, let me tell you. I never would have believed it if I hadn't seen it for myself. Not-so-young people dancing like any 17-year-old back in the days of Bandstand -- twisting the night away. They were having so much fun, and I was enjoying watching them, since my body will only allow chair dancing any more.

Did you know that chair dancing is good exercise and there are exercises especially designed for those of us who are unable to move quickly using our legs? Check it out online sometime.

Back to the 50th. On Saturday night, September 10, we met in a room across from the banquet room for meeting and greeting one another. More folks were present than on Friday evening, at least I met more classmates than I did the night before. I just scooted around and secretly read name tags of those I didn't recognize and then started right in by saying, "Hello S0-and-so, I'm Judi Drexler, and went on from there.

Since I'm basically a shy person (YES I AM) I really mostly talked with men and women from Runnemede and with whom I had also attended grade school.

Then when we were permitted to enter the dining room, I scooted in on the right side of the room, found no seats there and probably was the last person seated on the left side of the room in the only seat I could find. I was in the good company of people I really had only been acquainted with (the women, mostly from phys ed). I am so terrible with remembering names, so if I got that wrong and if I forgot who was at the table, I apologize. Conni Beakley I remember being nearby during the evening. Janette Haines sat nearby as well. Dave Diehl was to my left. Talking across the table was difficult and I barely heard the names of the women who were seated opposite me.

One other memory that will be seared in my brain for years to come is the sight of many of the women dancing with 3 and 4-inch heals, which I loved and about which I am very jealous because I haven't worn heals since one of my prior bosses told me I was putting dents in the floor (old pine) of his family home, in which the law office was located. Also all that twisting and bristol stomping and strolling.

Just goes to show that we who are nearly 70 can still handle dancing up a storm.

So, dear friends, once again we had a great party and I'm looking forward to scooting around our 55th event. Enjoy the few pictures I took of the evening.


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