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Thursday, October 29, 2009

I lost my list

I had a list of items about which I wanted to write.  I lost it.  Well, misplaced it.  I'll find it one of these days, but not today.

It's a beautiful fall day here in Northern Kentucky, the leaves are still hanging on the trees, barely.  I know that after tomorrow's weather comes through all the leaves will be gone.  We're supposed to have t-storms and high winds.  Today, though, is a good day to get outside and enjoy the porch. 

Wish I was still at 116 E Second and enjoying that porch. 

I recall that Alan's and my first home had a wonderful front porch and the children were either babies, toddlers, or very young when we lived there, and the porch was the perfect place for them to play as long as the temperature was conducive to outdoor play.  That house was NOT in Runnemede, but it was a Runnemede-type home, old, in need of some repair, not exactly a money-pit.  But, I loved that house.  Of all the places we've lived, I loved that house more than any other.

Yes, even more than the home where I grew up.  And probably more than the home where I now live, which I really, really am enjoying in my elder years.

At this point in the year, the windows on the Pike in Runnemede would have been painted by the 8th graders with Halloween pictures on the inside.  The bad kids, or children whose parents didn't care, were getting their eggs ready and stashed for their mischief-night escapades.  It was considered a right of passage, I supposed to go down on the pike and egg the Halloween windows, so that on Halloween, they were a mess.  I never heard of toilet papering a tree until we moved out here.  Do they do that back east?

I never participated in the egg throwing, but I suppose my brothers did.  We didn't have a car so we never suffered the egg-throwing in that way either.  When I finally got a car, on mischief night I parked it out behind the house between the house and the church where no one would see it.  It was safe there.  Dad would light up the house and watch the school across the street just in case.

It looks like that even without "my list" I can come up with something to remember about Runnemede, and this beautiful day in N. KY evoked those memories.



Lori said...

I remember as a kid dad showing us the bushes he used to hide behind when he egged cars. So, to answer your question if your brothers did that... yes. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Better, Judi, to lose your list than your mind -- and you clearly haven't lost your mind!

I have to say I don't remember the eggs on mischief night. Guess I was too busy down at the town Halloween event dunking for apples.

That dark side of our nature, which we all have, needs a way to express itself once in a while. Kids have a harder time knowing how to do it safely than we adults. So, the eggs weren't really so bad. My mischief was soaping car windows, harmless but it gave us a sense we were getting away with doing something wrong.

I just noticed that Runnemede has tightened up their curfew regulation for this Halloween weekend. And they limited the hours for trick or treat -- a pox on them, I say!

As for the toilet paper, I don't recall ever seeing it in the east either. Never saw it until coming to California. Now that toilet paper is so expensive, I guess that's just more mischief for the idle rich!!

Bill Tracy